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Children's Toy Labels

Children's Toy Labels

PriceFrom $10.00

This Item is for the Decal only


Please Select from the options in the drop downs.


Set of 2 is $15.00 Set of 4 is $26.00 Set of 6 is $36.00 Set of 8 is $44.00 and Set of 10 is $50.00


Sort out the children's toys for easy clean up. Made with high quality gloss vinyl. Available in range of colours and text and designs. 


Simply type your choice of item into the text box and separate each item with a *.


When ordering let me know the item and a picture idea and I will see if I have something suitable in my database (non-copyright images only).
After Receiving your Order we will draw up the design and email you for confirmation. 


Measurements are approximately 14cm x 20cm (this varies on text and picture but will not exceed).


If you need something a little different? Dont hesitate to contact us, or over on our FB page





Color Choice
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