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Fridge Label Starter Set

Fridge Label Starter Set


Would you like to take your organising to the next level?! Then look no further!

People who label their fridge are OUR people! We promise you wont go back to 'free balling' it in the fridge anymore!

Our Fridge Label starter set includes 8 pre selected labels. The labels are Condiments, Sauces, Dairy, Fruit, Veges, Meat, Bread, and lastly "pick me!".  Pick me is the perfect reminder for those in the family to eat something before its too late - such a good habit for the whole family to adopt to waste less. 

The sizes of these labels are a touch larger than our pantry set for the best visabilty. 

Simply choose from the font and colour list and your on your way!

Text Color Choice
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