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Herbs & Spices Label Starter Set

Herbs & Spices Label Starter Set


Here is the perfect starter set for sorting out the herbs and spices. 
This set includes 12 pre selected labels to start you off. 

The set includes:
Mixed Herbs, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Basil, Paprika, Turmeric, Chilli Flakes, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cumin. 

These labels are sized smaller than the pantry set and finish off glass jars and small containers wonderfully. 

Vinyl labels are semi permanent and waterproof - we advise gentle handwashing only. 

Label word height is approx 0.9cm x 1.2cm. Size varries depending on the specific font that is chosen. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are not suitable for the Tupperware small spice containers (due to the thin front face of the container).  Get in touch if you would like decals for those specific spice sets. 

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